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Evandrus, Son of Mars, Crown Prince.

Aboard the Silver Alaphina on the Crystal Tides, Bound for Striecial,

The Eighth of Ara, Sixteen Seventy-Four.

We rendezvoused with the Strieciallan vessels Tennec, Lash, Kore, and Nellenair early this morning. I was quite surprised to see the flotilla the Strieciallan council sent as our escort. I have heard rumor of some enemy that stalks their waters but I have never given any true credence to it. Rumors are just that, rumors.

The captain of the Tennec was kind enough to come aboard and speak to me briefly. I had heard the occasional story of Captain Strana of the Tennec, though I’d never known she was a woman. And I must say that I was momentarily surprised to find she was a woman. It is a common superstition that woman are exceedingly bad luck on a ship at sea.
This woman was the feared Captain Strana, with a soul of steel and a heart of fire. I would not say that she was an exceptionally beautiful woman. With her strong features and her blonde hair pulled back it gave an illusion of severity to her features. Her eyes held a wicked savageness in the morning light and even on a foreign vessel she walked with an air of command.

After our introductions I suggested that we retired to my cabin. The cabin that once had been the cabin of the Alaphina’s captain. Only the best for royalty; I find that beyond tedious. I could just as well made due with standard crew quarters. Captain Strana was quick to laugh and started cracking jokes from the moment she and I were alone. I dare say she lightened my spirits. The transformation she underwent was uncanny. Once she stepped over that threshold and all eyes were off of her she seemed to relax. It was almost like a new woman say before me.

In a hushed voice, as if she expected eavesdroppers, she began to explain the armada that was our escort. It seems that the fear of an attack was a very real one. She insisted that the armada will be escorting the Silver Alaphina back to our waters after our business has concluded. I cannot say that I took offense at that. If I might have her to gladden my spirits then I welcome the company.

It seems that the rumors of the Strieciallan war are true, to an extent. They are at war with a cult, a cult named The Children of The Leviathan. I have never heard of a cult by that name, though the rumors have been understandably vague. I had thought that since I have heard little of them, that they are a young cult. As she began to describe the cult and it’s actions I found myself holding my breath and, a shock to myself, praying. If Striecial, the heart of magic, fears this cult I cannot begin to grasp the threat they pose.

I have been told that they have been dealing with The Children of The Leviathan for decades. Striecial is to the south and west of the continent. Captain Strana intimates that the cult is even farther to the south, a small chain of islands. So rarely do our trade routes go so far south. When they do they usually hug the coastline, doing trade all along the way. Yet all sailors have those stories. Of horrific sea monsters, the stories of fisher wives. But to my knowledge that is all they are, stories. No vessels have reported such creatures in our waters. Nor have any vessels been lost at sea, they usually show up a month later with a hold full of exotic spices and wares.

It was late into the night when Captain Strana returned to her ship with promises that we would make landfall in the morning. Maybe we’ll see some magic in the morning. I find that I cannot wait to see the famed Strieciallan Sorcery at work. Besides the solemn topic of conversation she was as sparkling conversationalist. I did enjoy her company. I believe Saphir would quite enjoy her company as well. I find myself hoping that one day I might introduce the pair.


The Tennec: Pronounced Ten – Neck. The vessel captained by Strana.

The Nellenair: Pronounced like Helen – Air. A Strieciallan vessel tasked as a foreign escort.

The Children of The Leviathan:  An unknown oceanic cult that has plagued Striecial for decades. Their origins and reasons behind the war are unknown.