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Hello My Lovelies,

How are you all doing? I wish to apologize for the dearth of posts. For the past year or so I have dealt with a particularly persistent bout of depression. The cause of this depression has been the lack of light in my workspace. It’s a surprise how much light effects you when you’ve lost it. This depression has been exacerbated due to a whole host of family issues, issues I would rather not talk about. Do not worry, everything has been handled and we’re all working to resolutions. The lighting issue has, in effect, been remedied. A floor lamp has been procured which puts off enough light that I might work without issue. I hope to continue creating content for you to consume at your leisure. To this fact I wish to announce that The Starry Heavens is back on the rails!

I fully intend to continue writing The Starry Heavens. Over the last month or so I have begun writing a cache of posts and have about three months already written. Keeping a reserve of posts was something I didn’t want to do with the Starry Heavens series because I wanted you, the readers, to make suggestions and play a part in the world building. It was my dream to create dialogue between the audience and myself, to make even a small part of this world a part of you. While you have helped with the world building occasionally it hasn’t altered any of my ideas, everything has continued as I had planned, as such this has become a detriment. Doing away with it has given me the freedom to write ahead of you, the audience. Now I don’t have to frenetically cobble together a post one week and edit and post it the next.

During my sabbatical I wrote a short story, to be more precise I stumbled upon an old hand written attempt at a story. In my attempts to transcribe the handful of notes, I found myself rewriting the five hundred words. I accidentally transformed it into a 5k short story. The story just blossomed from my keyboard. I have never been more invigorated while writing. It spun itself into existence and each time I go back to read it I find new and interesting information. It is a story about two tribes of the fey who are slowly fading and dying. If I find there is interest you might find yourself reading about Dal Cyrna in, “The Devil’s Arrow,” sometime later this year.

In November I fought the good fight. I attempted NaNoWriMo. Sadly I failed but, I am not upset about it. It seems that during NaNo that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. I got the farthest that I have to date. I broke 25k and I count it as a victory. A victory hard  won if I say so myself. Family issues had come to a boiling point in November. It’s a wonder I had time to write five words let alone twenty five thousand. My project this year, like every year since 2013 was Sky-Fire. Sky-Fire is almost to 45k, just a hair under and I am extremely proud of how far we’ve gotten. We’ve just barely scratched the surface of Nathan’s story.

In final news I have decided to move from this blog. At least my personal blog posts are moving. I have decided that it probably seems just a bit more professional for this blog to hold only my creative writing. Along with posts such as this relating to my writing. As such once I have figured out a new personal blog I will inform you. My old posts will be edited and rewritten and eventually migrated. As I am getting back into my spiritual practice I may even include some information and musing on that in the new blog.

As always my lovely readers I will continue writing. Starry Heavens will continue. It may have taken a year but I am back and I’m ready for the long fight. The old schedule will start up again with new posts every first and third Wednesday of the month at ten in the morning. A new post will go live tomorrow and on the fifteenth to get us back into the flow of things.

I know you all are excited to enter back into the world of The Starry Heavens. New places to explore and new people to meet. Old friends to visit and old romances to kindle. Velvet intrigues. Scarlet promises. A bottle of poison. And, finally, our beloved Child of Venus.

The Lady of The Quill,  Daniel Ambrosius Devereux.