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The Twelfth of Ivaris, Sixteen Seventy-Four

Tam is a very interesting young man. He has endeavored to install himself into my regular routine, that is not strange it is in fact quite normal. His eagerness, a bit like an overgrown puppy, has me second guessing if he is in fact a spy planted by Cossett. He is fairly under trained, or is that his youth? This could all be an act. An act that would lull me into a false sense of security. Even now he has brought such a lull, a breach of etiquette. I call him by his first name, he insists upon it. A scorpion strikes best when he is unexpected. An enemy at each side and two more between.

He slipped quietly into my apartments, I can assume that he attempted to be quiet sadly he failed and my slumber was broken. Tam had not thought to bring a lamp. That is in itself a double-edged sword, had he brought the lamp I would have slumbered for a minute or two more. I am a very light sleeper, the faintest amount of candle or lamp light would have roused me. I really must have the draperies of my bed curtains changed, the filmy fabric does nothing to block the light. I was awoken to Tam running into my writing desk, I believe one of the legs may now be cracked, I really cannot be unduly angry with him. While the small commotion did indeed rouse me, my fleeting fear was assuaged because of his quite colourful swearing. Perhaps Tam lived a sailor’s life before he fell into Cossett’s employ.

I cannot say if he charmed or cajoled Mrs. Argall, or it may have been my treatment of Mrs. Crusan that encouraged her to provide my favorite breakfast. Tiny fairy cakes, clotted cream, and fresh strawberries. Honestly I may not even ask him, if he were smart he might claim that he did charm her. Then again he could not be sure if I would ask her. Odds are he would assume that I would not even set foot in the kitchens. Circles within circles, dances within dances. I must attend to the letter from our Prince, Uncle has yet to even ask after it. I shall send Tam away, a frivolous errand that might keep him busy for an age. Not an impossible task such as asking him to find me an apple of silver that might feed a thousand orphans. While that would be an interesting task and would entertain me to no end if he were to accomplish it. I believe the clasp on my amethyst bracelet is broken, I shall send him to the silversmith and insist he waits until it is mended. It is a very minor break, it would only necessitate two hours, three if the smith is much too busy and has to set her apprentice to mending it.

Your Royal Highness,
I wish to thank you for your note, I am touched at your thought and at your beautiful gift. I wish to extend my condolences for the passing of your mother and father; I am sure that my uncle, our Lord Regent, has officially extended our hand and condolences but I feel that I must as well.

Please forgive my presumptiveness if I am mistaken Your Grace. It is a solemn thought and I do not know if it would be a comfort to you, but, as my cook would say “They have been consigned to the Flame. They reside within the hall of The Shining Lord. Do not weep for your own pain child.” She had said that to me after my mother’s funeral, after her body was wreathed in flowers and her body ignited.

Her ashes are interred in part in the Great Cathedral in your capital and in our catacombs beneath our home. I yelled at Mrs. Argall, our cook, for her harsh words and I’m not proud to say it but I threw a tantrum as well. I apologize if this has upset you, it was not my intention.Your Highness I do know in part what you are experiencing, if I can help you in any way please tell me.

Please do not over worry yourself over the Pagri ordeal. I would not have you worried over nothing Your Grace. I am whole and unharmed. I am honored at your concern and kind words. You flatter me with your words and your gift, I am but a simple Child of Venus. Your Highness a Venus Born are cursed with two things: dangerous beauty and beguiling grace. I bear those curses silently with virtue and timidity.

Thank you for your kind words and your time. Please accept this ring as a token of my thanks. It was once my fathers, it does not fit me well and I am loath to have it sized. I do hope you enjoy it my Prince.

By my sign and seal.


Fairy Cakes: Batter fried in oil about the size of a thumb usually flavored with honey or powdered sugar.