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Hello My Beloved Supplicants,

I wish to apologize. At the beginning of the month I fell ill, I had a very nasty cold.

As many of you know I write each instance of The Starry Heavens about a week or so before they’re posted. This is to ensure that I can incorporate any feedback, prompts, or world building into the most why I currently am working on.  Sadly, because of this I am unable to write a dozen posts in advance to account for illness and life interrupting my scheduled posts. I would remind you, the reader, that if you have any thoughts or suggestions to mention them in the comments.

In other news, I am contemplating adding a lexicon and/or a cast page. This is mainly for clarity so that you can familiarize yourself with or look up words without referring back to the word’s post of origin. I am also contemplating starting another blog or two. The first being a generalized blog much like this was before I started writing The Starry Heavens, I would eventually migrate the old posts to the new format and it would be updated infrequently. The second such blog would be based on witchcraft, as I have neglected my practice it could serve as an incentive to get back into things, it would update a bit more frequently than the first.

Also, I am looking for an artist who could do up small picture/symbols for the characters to distinguish who is the current narrator. The only current distinguishing features of posts to show who the narrator is are the signature at the end or the current place of origin in the upper corner after the year. While sadly I cannot pay any artist that makes the attempt I can put them down as a contributor at the end of said posts, if their work is used, and link to their various media.

I hope to have a new installment by the twenty-fifth.

Goodbye My Children,

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, By the Grace of the Gods, The Defender of the Old Faith, The Morning Star, Sovereign Queen, The Empress of Thorns, The Queen of Roses, The Saint of Sinners, Oracle of the Gods, Prophetess of the Old Religion, Pope of Discord, Hecates’ Handmaiden, The Lady of The Quill, The Amber Lady, The Whore of Babylon, Sovereign over all, Daniel Ambrosius Devereux.