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The Ninth of Ivaris, Sixteen Seventy-Four, Jarrow, The Chapel of the Order of Pity and Piety

Abbess Almere,

Another of them have fallen pregnant. Mark my words because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; The whores never listen, never have and never will. I fear that Madra will have to make her special brew yet again. This is worse than when the boy, Theo, got the new initiate pregnant; he’s lucky she paid for his ‘service’. The whores are always making a fuss and making it more difficult for honest folk. That is why our Glorious Fire declared that the Children of the Cold Distant Heavens are ours. Ours to enjoy at any rate.

This pregnancy couldn’t come at a worse time, as you very well know the High Prelate of Righteous Fire has planned a visit. More of an inspection if my intuition is to be believed. It may do well to turn her out to be quite honest, more so if she insists on keeping the bastard. Selfish bird, we cannot allow a Child of Venus to raise a child. Just think of the poison and inclinations they might inherit. She has never been a top earner, she complains endlessly, and is woefully captious of her clientele. If it comes to it we may secret her among those who are currently pregnant. She is far from showing but I assume he will spare them only a cursory glance before moving on. One would think that after all we have done for her she would keep her head down and out of trouble. Vapid and dull pretty thing. I really do not understand the allure men and women have for these things, these cheap simpering whores hold no charm for me.

With the introduction of our Chapel into Jarrow’s community the orphanages has flourished, quickly doubling in population and in funding. I have taken your advice and offered the services of the Venus-Born we shelter to those able to pay and whom have barren wives or are barren themselves to serve as surrogates. I find it quite interesting how many men are unable to rise to the occasion with their wives but frequent us nearly weekly. I would like the chapel to be a bit bigger, there are but two dormitories and if given half a chance I would split these whores along the gender lines to dissuade such play. I have begun to believe that some of the Children of Venus are fornicating amongst themselves, the last three babes born have bore Theo’s burnished gold hair. It is a minor annoyance since these babes have been adopted quite quickly, Theo is of quite good stock and is quite comely for a breeding stallion. The only apparent problem might come at a later time if such children are revealed to be Children of the Cold and Distant Stars. Twice damned with a sire and dame that are cursed as such. No doubt he wishes to sample the delights of the other harlots.

I really must thank you for informing me of the Prelate’s predilections and proclivities. No doubt he wishes to sample the delights of the other harlots. I will do my best to press the more, how would you say, robust and vigorous to the forefront. I have heard of the fracas in the Lighthurst where he last called on the Order, how the young man was left lame after an hours play. One would think that the Cold and Distant Heavens would make their children more durable, more well able to take a few light blows. With bones that break like a birds we have to be a bit more selective of the clients we allow more than an hour with one of the whores. Even more selective of the ones who endeavor to enjoy the Venus-Born in their own home for a night.

The Shinning Lord shall reach his apex in an hour and I really must rouse the acolytes who will see to the ritual cleansing of the harlots for the Prelate. The screaming and squealing alone will take an hour, they act like pampered pets assuming their bath water will be warm without any work. I might just have Madra secret some of her brew into the pregnant whore’s cup tonight, that would solve many a problem I think.

I am most assured that this letter will find you well,
Priestess Hieda Vorla

Almere is pronounced Al-mu-ray.

Hieda is pronounced exactly as Ida.

Jarrow is pronounced exactly as Yarrow.