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The Sixth of Ivaris, Sixteen Seventy-Four

I have just received a letter from dearest Margret, it has brought elation and melancholy. Melancholy for she acts as if I am some kind of paranoid child. She has always had a tongue that can cut better than a whole host of blades. Margret has always made me feel small, for a short time she served as my governess but quickly my knowledge outstripped hers and she soon became my companion. Yet at times she acts as if I am still a child and her pupil, a most frustrating bout of theatrics I can assure you. I am elated for Margret has informed me that my beloved brother is to return, I know not when but she has made it sound as if he shall be here within the week.

Kyran has been fostered with a distant cousin, Granner, he is not much of a cousin to be honest. Granner has no children and is of little to no actual blood relation by now. He has no children of his own, save for those of his second wife. Even though they are the children of his second wife Granner treats them all the same as he would have the children of his first wife. I am sure having four foster siblings has done well for my brother. I have not seen Kyran for many years. Once I had presented as a Child of Venus we were separated and he was sent out to foster. I was ten and he was eight when the formalities of fosterage were brought up by Uncle. Father agreed as he was loath to deal with a budding Child of Venus and a young child. I do not begrudge him on that, it would have been cruel to young Kyran as I would require quite a bit of attention and he would be left by the wayside.

Eight long years, or nearly so. I wonder how he has changed; Is he still the little boy who would sneak into my rooms once his nurse had fallen asleep? Or how he would insist upon riding Father’s grey stallion and when one of the grooms would try to get him to ride his pony or a geldling instead he would bully and browbeat them until one of them let him ride it. Father was furious, I remember vividly Father taking a birch cane to him. While Kyran only received four blows he did not sit well for a week.

I would do well to remember that Kyran is a man now, a young man of sixteen, no longer the little boy so bewitched by the rolling sea. I would do well to question his arrival. Letters and telegrams come and go at all hours. I had thought that they were marriage proposals but Mr. Ochoa and Mr. Beaumont have been flitting back and forth from the estate and abroad for many days now. I can only assume that they are the poison in my Uncle’s ear, persuading him to have Kyran return to us. I can only theorize that this is some form of political maneuvering.

As Heir Presumptive my inheritance is paradoxically assured and uncertain. I stand to inherit as I am the most senior in descent, yet it could be decided that my brother stands to be a better lord as he is not a Child of The Starry Heavens. One might assume that a Child of Venus would have a conflict of interest. In that situation who would rule, the Lord or the Consort? As I have said; A child of Venus may not own land, they may be a tenant but never a land owner, and that puts a child of the starry heavens in an awkward position. Those laws are for the common man, the laws of nobility, gentry, are vast and sadly do not encompass beings such as I.

Legally I can take the Noble Title of my Father but, the machinations of the court may well spell my death. A political marriage would be viable and would ensure someone of notable value and understanding would rule. My station would never be in question were I Heir Apparent but, I am never so lucky. I can only hope that the body of parliament has tired of my uncle and wishes not to wait for my brother to come of age. Unless a Child of Venus is so unsavory and unseemly that they would rather bide with my uncle for another two years until Kyran is eligible.

Order creates law. Laws twist and holds one in bondage.

Fosterage: Fosterage involved one family giving their children to another to be raised. Once the fosterage arrangement had been agreed the two kin groups would be linked politically and socially. Any injury suffered by the fostered child also impacted the foster family and the foster family could count on the military support of the fostering family.

Geldling: A castrated horse.