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Here is your gift for Happy early/late OH MY FUCKING GODS THE LIGHT IS BACK DAY.

The Third of Ivaris, Sixteen Seventy-Four

My Gilded Dearest,

I must apologize, I received your last letter as I was getting ready to leave for the festival and was unable to read it until last night. I was saddened when I found that it was near to impossible to speak with you. Your Uncle’s work no doubt. I also doubt that the Lord Regent is reading your correspondences, the seal was undamaged and the pages were not torn or ripped. Really my dear you are becoming increasingly paranoid, next thing I know you’ll have us writing in cipher text and speaking in code. The daisies may be yellow but the dog is barking and the children run.

It disheartens me to hear that this deviant was free for even a moment. I understand, my love, that you are a kind-hearted soul but you are being young and foolish; This man was a debauchee and the Pagri have done you a small service. Small in the fact that they have caused the man’s brief glimpse of freedom. One would hope that the Pagri are being fined for the damages to the town, while I did not see much damage you did mention that two sheep were lost.

Why they would shroud their sacred fire in a highly flammable tent is beyond sense and reason. I would not even dare to grasp their savage religion, it would do well not to risk the wrath of the Shining Lord. I have heard that in the inhospitable lands from where the Alazian come from that they have more than one Shining Lord, I believe my cousin said something to the effect of nineteen Lords of Light. Doesn’t that sound delightful?

I believe most assuredly that Physician Folami knew the effects of Fleeting Mercury at that dosage, after all he is a physician. It sounds like you had taken leave of your senses and he was merely trying to calm you as quickly as possible. The added benefit of your paralysis, as you clearly stated, was that he was able to catalogue your bruises without hysterics. There is no reason to unrest among your staff, asking them to announce their presence is against their training and I am sure upsets your uncle.

The festival was quite nice. The tunic you wore was remarkable, I am sure people will be talking about it for an age. I am sure even more people will be speaking about the properties of the fabric once wet, I saw many young men look at you with hunger once you had resurfaced. Too bad about your hair though, it was stunning when you’d stepped out of the litter, what a shame that the water ruined it. Not to mention the cosmetics, I could see it from a distance and the dyes on your arms and legs. I dare to say that given half a chance my brother would have spirited you off and wed you.

Oh, before I forget, how happy are you to find out your brother is coming home? I’d overheard your Uncle and his Valet speaking about his return when I attempted to speak to your after the Pagri’s infernal ritual. Why your uncle allowed their devilish customs are beyond me. The Lord Regent was quite dashing in his Golden Eagle Mask, no doubt bought with your money. I would assume that he thought that he’d deserved a small reward for dealing with the sociopolitical upheaval that your coming out has caused. I’d heard that you receive courtship requests in the hundreds each passing day. It would be in poor taste to ask if that is true.

All of my love, Margret of Erei Tahm.