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The Twenty-First of Tal, Sixteen Seventy-Four

My Dearest Margret,

No doubt you’ve received my invitation to the festival but I have poor news. The festival will be put off until the Twenty-Fifth at the earliest. As you know part of the festival will include a ritual to one of their many fire spirits and, well, the Pagri claim that the spirit has been informed as to what the ritual entails and has been enraged. I believe that one of the Pagri became intoxicated and had taken leave of his senses. The tent they had constructed to house the spirit until the ritual caught fire. The flames danced across the town, most of it is superficial damage with the sole exception being where my assailant was being held and two sheep. I do hope the farmer will be reimbursed.

My feelings are still mixed on this fiasco. On one hand I am ecstatic that is he free, at least for the time being, and on the other I jump at every shadow now. I have given an order, a declaration, no servant is to enter a room without announcing their presence. While that does defeat the purpose of a servant, to be heard and not relatively invisible does for the most part assuage my fear.

I know his punishment, I had a panic attack last night during supper. A footman walked behind me at the table to refill someone’s drink, I know not who put possibly the caretaker Uncle has taken to having her for dinner the past few night. It was dark, nearly midnight since that is when Uncle likes to take supper, and he surprised me. I became hysterical, I went at the footman with a knife. Do not worry he is fine; Uncle tried to calm me or at least contain me but, I think I might have bit him. It seems it is very easy to fight off a Child of Venus.

Our physician was called to tend to me and he gave me an ampoule of an infusion of fleeting mercury. In a scant handful of moments since the quicksilver liquid touched my lips my limbs dropped like stone and I slumped onto the divan. It must have been a very strong infusion for I have had Fleeting Mercury before and I have some in the sideboard in my suite, it has never been that effective that quickly. It usually just slowly draws me into sleep.

I do not know if physician Folami has ever imbibed the drug at that strength but it did not drag me under. I could feel him undress me before the Lord Regent and examine me, slowly cataloging the bruises as he ghosted his fingers lower and lower. I wanted to scream or cry as he inspected me and proclaim no damages. Folami lingered for a time after I had been redressed, by one of the maids based off of the conversation and the handling. They spoke of the man’s punishment for a time before Uncle came to a decision. I do not know if I should see it as a form of divine retribution or some kind of cruel joke on the man.

Accept no missives of mine that do not bear my seal and sign, nor a trusted messenger. Erycina-Venus.

Fleeting Mercury – A quicksilver coloured drug that acts as a sedative slowly drawing the imbiber into sleep. In large quantities it paralyzes the body giving the impression of sleep while the imbiber is fully conscious and aware.