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Hello My Lovelies,

I’m sure by now you’ve all assumed I’ve abdicated my gilded throne and such desertion would normally warrant beheading but, I am a kind and just ruler; I won’t even call for public floggings or branding, only you and I need know of your abandonment of Queen and Country. You all may return with full amnesty for your heinous actions ill befitting people of our, essence.

Now I digress; With my return to Crown and Country after my time abroad I plan to bring sweeping changes. My lovely people, I know how change angers and frightens you so but if we allow ourselves to continue in this form of stagnation we will wither and die. I merely plan to brush away the dust and cut away that which no longer serves us as a people. I wish to return colour to our once brilliant nation. The alliances which we’ve held for so long have atrophied and no longer benefit us and will be unceremoniously removed. I have come back to my people, my children, you can expect semi-regular proclamations from me. I am shooting for weekly but it is more likely for bi-weekly posts, if I don’t seem to post for a while just email or tweet me and kindly remind your God-Queen.

My final announcement is one I’ve been thinking over since the founding but have only recently started to actualize that dream. As the greater portion of you know I have been writing a story, some have taken to calling it a novel. Occasionally I hit funks where I either cannot or will not be able to write any further in a certain scene, it isn’t so much as writers block as it is just an annoyance with the current scene. Instead of jumping forward or backwards in scenes and working I’ve decided to write a side story set in a completely different universe with completely new characters. The world building is still in it’s infant stages and it will probably be very rough. I invite you all to be my beta readers and critics. I will be using some uncommon terms and some terms and phrases of my own creation, do not worry I will be leaving a glossary at the end for those who do not know how to use Google. Now while I’ve given you free reign to critique my work I require you to keep a civil tongue in your mouth when speaking to me or your peers, after all I rule and you serve. You are free to make suggestions but any work is my property and mine alone. Those solemn few whom know spoilers you are formally bound not to revel said secrets. If you do I will have to smite your or hire a Royal Executioner, whichever takes less effort on my part.

By the way, I never did stick to the Pagan Blog Project. You guys never did stick to your end of the bargain, you know. Wrapping me in Deerskin, feeding me Pretzels, and eating Cheesecake in front of me. That’s probably for the best.

Well my children, keep your eyes out for the first installment!

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, By the Grace of the Gods, The Defender of the Old Faith, The Morning Star, Sovereign Queen, The Empress of Thorns, The Queen of Roses, The Saint of Sinners, Oracle of the Gods, Prophetess of the Old Religion, Pope of Discord, Hecates’ Handmaiden, The Lady of The Quill, The Amber Lady, The Whore of Babylon, Sovereign over all, Daniel Ambrosius Devereux.