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Hello my Delicious Flesh Morsels,

I actually go this post written up early, unlike both of my b’s, sorry. The prompt list still isn’t singing to me which is quite annoying so I’ve chosen something that isn’t on it, I hope you don’t begrudge me a little creativity. I choose Creativity, the phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created. As a potter might spin clay into a pot or into a tile; then for a witch, people and nature itself are the clay. A witch needs only the knowledge and skill to make a pot or a tile. I believe that to work magic you must be creative, to have the vision to see what is and what can be.

So I’ve decided to share some of the story I’m working on, I’ve promised it before and I’ve spoken at length about my reservations about posting it. I just want to remind you that everything written on this blog is mine and that you do not have permission to reblog it, post it elsewhere, or claim it as your own in any way shape or form. Now I’ve poured my heart and soul into my work, enjoy it, comment and discuss it in the comments. This is only a small portion of the story and its probably one of the more action packed sections, just remember I am choosing to share this and that you must respect my property.

The bell rang loud and jarring in the small room, easily drowning out monotonous speech issuing forth from Tavars’ thin colorless lips. The gray-haired Mr. Tavar sighed as the students rushed out of the room, books and papers roughly shoved into bags and papers scattered about in their wake.

Nathan slowly gathered his things, his heart beating as fast as a humming-bird as he worried about what was about to happen. Idle fancy clouded his gray eyes for a moment with thoughts of escape; but he was no fool, if he ran now his ruse would be known and he would be hunted. The blonde mage took a deep breath as he walked through the hall, trying to calm his racing mind and shape the veil that would protect him from the witch. He walked out into the courtyard tension hung heavy and suffocating on the cool autumn day as he fell into line beside a young woman with tree-bark brown hair and dazzling green eyes. “I got your message,” He breathed in a low whisper as he watched a few freshmen fidget worriedly. “If all goes well, I might have a date. What did you have in mind, Cassie?”

She was a tall and stately woman with hair that fell like a dark waterfall around her shoulders, Her skin was as white and flawless as marble; She was like a statue in an iridescent silk-shot black gown. As she walked into the small courtyard the wind howled and was as cold as death, Her face was cold and expressionless as she entered the walled in area, sheer black fabric hanging from the jewelry that adorned her shape. The dark-haired sorceress was flanked by two men an unadorned blade at their hip and a small pistol in a holster under their arms. She was a god among men, she walked with a supernatural grace and her very presence evoked a primal fear.

Students shuddered in her presence as she walked among them, her mind touching each of them as she passed looking for magics’ power. Her eyes burned white-hot with an alien fire as she swept through them, the iridescent moonstone choker glowing just as brilliantly denoting magics power.

This woman was a poison creeping in the vein, a single touch of her mind could send a teenager into a fit of mad ravings and many did from her malicious scan. The screaming was maddening it pierced and rattled the soul bringing tears to a persons’ eyes, others fell to their knees in a fugue state completely blank, while others still went unmolested, just a little rattled. Nathan shuddered as She passed him, his stomach churned and his mind burned with her rage; this was the rage that had everyone so rattled, this rage was why some screamed in madness and others became still and silent.

Cassandra grabbed Nathans’ hand as The Sorceress passed and he yearned to shield her from this pain, she whimpered and clutched at her head tears streaming down her face, smearing her make-up as they fell. Nathan drew her shaking form into his arms and hugged her smoothing down her hair as he went. “Shh Love, it’s alright; it’s done now.” He whispered, trying to comfort her as best he could.
The statuesque woman sighed as she stopped in front of a young man with thick black horn-rimmed glasses and short brown hair. “This one, his power is rudimentary, at best but his mind is very malleable.” Her voice was like brittle glass, it was the first time she had spoken and it was a shock to hear the words fall from her painted lips.

“N-nno, it can’t be, you’re lying!” He shouted as he backed away, bumping into the senior behind him. “I, I can’t be gifted!” His face was lined with fear and disbelief as his eyes flicked back and forth looking for any possible escape. At that moment the sword-bearing guardians descended the rows of students to the mage-to-be. “I will be no slave.” He said as one of the guards grabbed his arm, his voice deep and echoing with power.

Words of power leapt unbidden and alien from his blood and filled his mind, a way to free himself, to defend himself. They fell from his lips without thought or reason, burning and scorching his throat, words of hate and rage and pain. The sorceress had the look of a predator in her smile as he conjured fire to his aid, soon his power would be added to her own. Nathan and Cassandra were stricken and rooted to the spot looking on in horror and awe as the crowd of students and teachers fled, fire sparked and danced across the limbs of the freshman burning the guardian who held him.

His eyes burned like two rubies set deep into mortal flesh as he struck out at his would-be captors. “I serve no Masters and surely no Mistress.” He shouted the flames licking across his skin and setting their suits aflame. The fair woman in black laughed and lashed out, a word like cracking ice rang out from her throat high and piercing. The air grew chilled and the fires dimmed and died, all but those that wreathed the young freshman, He never had a chance to move as a large shard of ice ran him clean through.

He fell to the cold concrete and his eyes dimmed. His hearts-blood seeped out around the ice painfully slow, he cried out with his mind beseeching any who could hear, any who could help. “Oh, no, no, no, I won’t have any of that.” She said a smile upon her white-painted lips as she knelt down and touched his forehead. Pain laced through his body and he howled, the freshman went limp as she traced her fingers around the wound. “I’ve stopped the blood flow, I’m no healer but He’ll live. Come, we have what we came for.” She said coldly as she rose and strode out of the courtyard, her bodyguards dragging the limp form of the fourteen-year-old behind them.

Have a good day,

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, By the Grace of the Gods, The Defender of the Old Faith, The Morning Star, Sovereign Queen, The Empress of Thorns, The Queen of Roses, The Saint of Sinners, Oracle of the Gods, Prophetess of the Old Religion, Pope of Discord, Hecates’ Handmaiden, The Lady of The Quill, The Amber Lady, The Whore of Babylon, Sovereign over all, Daniel Ambrosius Devereux.

Book of Shadows and Resolve


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This is late, sorry.

We have mice which has caused me great psychological stress and I’m finding it harder and harder to sleep let alone concentrate. Yes we are using mouse traps, no they’re not humane, I don’t care. Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment I’ll nip out and take a look at what other people are writing about and hopefully glean some ideas from the prompt list.

How does that saying go? I’m going to murder two crows with one gem?

A Book of Shadows, in Eclectic Neo-Wicca at least, is part magical text and part journal. You record your rituals in them and then write about how it went, your impressions and feelings. I’ve never understood this but then again my ‘book of shadows’ is just a three ring binder more like a Grimoire more than anything. What little information that is in there is fairly dry and clinical more like a textbook than a journal, I don’t write down how well a spell or ritual went because I remember. Mind you I don’t write much of anything down in there, most of my practice is based on intuition and what I recall. I do usually write down my spells and invocation in there I just don’t explain what they are for or how to use them because I already know, if I were to teach someone I would ask them to use their instincts.

In recent years I’ve started to become a ‘technopagan’ and you have no idea how much that term annoys me. I have more invocations and spells written up on my computer than I have in my physical grimoire, I at one time had a blog that was password protected so that I could have access to my technological grimoire if I was away from it. To be honest I love and hate storing my book electronically, I love that I can have it out and to the page I need it in two clicks, I hate it because it lets me laps into laziness forgetting to keep my physical one up to date. I also find writing everything out by hand very relaxing but typing everything up is quicker and it is easier to correct a mistake.

My ‘Book of Shadows’ is mostly blank, intuition is instinct and you can’t pen instinct. Just as last week has given me the resolve to work with more male deities this week has given me the resolve needed to start transferring my electronic information onto paper so have I resolved to start transferring my hard copies into electronic ones. You can’t be too careful.

I think Resolve is the keyword for this year.

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, By the Grace of the Gods, The Defender of the Old Faith, The Morning Star, Sovereign Queen, The Empress of Thorns, The Queen of Roses, The Saint of Sinners, Oracle of the Gods, Prophetess of the Old Religion, Pope of Discord, Hecates’ Handmaiden, The Lady of The Quill, The Amber Lady, The Whore of Babylon, Sovereign over all, Daniel Ambrosius Devereux.

Books and Recommendations


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This has been a hard week, I haven’t been feeling well and my sleep pattern has been inverted again, I had to think on this for quite a while none of the prompts jumped out at me. I think I have a game plan for this project, one week I’ll post about something from the list that I use and the next I will talk about why I don’t use whatever it is; my practice doesn’t conform to may of the ideas and practices of Wicca of Neo-Wicca/Modern Witchcraft.

Now I decided to talk about books this week and I hope to stay on topic. I am on Goodreads and you are welcome to friend me or follow my reviews on there. Now I am about say a truthful lie, I haven’t read much on paganism and witchcraft. Most books, especially those published by Llewellyn, all say the same information and if a thousand voices are saying the same thing then you’ve only heard one thing. Most of the books on Paganism and Witchcraft I read ages ago back when I started. If you don’t listen to my advice and recommendations then at least  heed this, if you see anything written by Silver Ravenwolf put it down and walk away quickly; there is a reason why quite a few in the community refer to her as Silver I-want-your-dollar. This young woman explains this all a bit better than me.

I’ll start with what I am currently reading.

Spiral Dance by Starhawk, I’ve read this before and it didn’t leave much of an impression on me which is why I’m rereading it. I started sometime in late 2012 or early 2013, I read pagan and witchy books fairly slowly, slower if I find the author or the work grating. I wouldn’t suggest this off the bat for a beginner, more of a second or third book. This book is very Feminism oriented, which isn’t a bad thing but it does detract my attention from the book. Now let me say this before you crucify me worse than Christ. I am all for feminism, I love women, and yes paganism can at times be seen as a Goddess Religion.

But I am biologically male and paganism is about more than just elating the female gods, in many/most practices it is about duality and yet I hear very little about male deities. It seems as a whole the pagan community is very female focused, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but there are two more genders. One of which is spoken of rarely and another that is nearly invisible.  Yes women are strong and our equals, trust me I am the first to say this but I would like to hear more talk of male deities and male empowerment just as well as female empowerment. And before you say it I do know about the Minoan Brotherhood. I would at least like to hear talk about third gender if not discussion.

A Witches Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar, this one is slow going as well, it’s a thick book. I started reading it back on 2012 but loaned it to Matthew and I just recently got it back. This book is about British Traditional Wicca, specifically the Alexandrian Tradition. Since this book is about Wicca it does talk about Ceremonial Witchcraft, both Wicca and Neo-Wicca use ceremonial magic. I’ve been reading it off and on for a few months and I’m barely past the preface. I’ve glanced through the book on multiple occasions and I would suggest it just for the wealth of knowledge it has. I would enjoy discussing magic and witchcraft with an Alexandrian I don’t think I’d enjoy performing a ritual with them, since I am not initiated nor am I looking to join them and our practices clash a bit.

Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura, I actually finished this book back in December. And by finished I mean I read half of it and then skimmed the rest. My first complain is that the author seems to think Wicca, Neo-Wicca to boot, and Witchcraft are the same thing; I don’t think I even need to even explain why this isn’t right. The only thing green about this book is the cover and the extensive talk of herbs. This book is basically a Neo-Wicca 101 book through vaguely green tinted glasses, and it’s very basic at that. Even the first line of the back cover irks me, “A True Beginner’s Guide to the Old Religion.” The Old Religion as most people put it is in my mind complete and utter fiction. Some people take the Old Religion to mean witchcraft which I find amusing because witchcraft transcends religion, it can be practiced by anyone from any path. This book boasts having Faery Lore, I didn’t notice any. I didn’t find it the least be informative and I won’t be buying from this author again.

Wicca: A Year and a Day By Timothy Roderick, I really tried to do this one. I ended up doing a few of the easy more beginner lessons a day and I really couldn’t get into it. The author acts like Wicca and Witchcraft are one in the same and he uses an invocation from a nearly eight hundred year-old play as a ‘samhain chant’. I think I’ll attempt this book again when my boyfriend, the owner of the book, and I are living together so we can do it together. I am still very leery about this book, the idea of a monthly shopping list is odd to me; I use very few tools and supplies in my craft.

I really would like to touch on Scott Cunningham and Raymond Buckland but its been too long since I’ve read them to say much other than they’re fairly good. A fairly good resource I’ve had back when I worked ceremonial magic was the Bible, I found it to be basically a witches how-to.

If you want some fiction recommendations just let me know in the comments and I’ll see about editing this and adding in a list.

Bye Children,

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, By the Grace of the Gods, The Defender of the Old Faith, The Morning Star, Sovereign Queen, The Empress of Thorns, The Queen of Roses, The Saint of Sinners, Oracle of the Gods, Prophetess of the Old Religion, Pope of Discord, Hecates’ Handmaiden, The Lady of The Quill, The Amber Lady, The Whore of Babylon, Sovereign over all, Daniel Ambrosius Devereux.